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Dr. Shannon Waters, weaver of words, continues to share her perspective through news features, articles, podcasts, and series. Stay tuned for more!


Federation of Medical Women of Canada Podcast. December 2022. The Ecosystem and Our Health with Dr. Shannon Waters

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Dr. Shannon Waters, at home in the Cowichan Valley

Listen to Dr. Shannon Waters, featured along with Dr. Theresa Tam, in CBC's "What on Earth" with Laura Lynch, October 2022


[October 30 podcast, time stamp 51 min.]

Science World, October 2021 feature in Vaccine Confidence Series, A Dose of Empathy: Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy in Barriered Communities.

Wetlands Workforce. June 2021. Interviewee for the Wetland Dialogues.

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Science World, June 2021 - Interview, Indigenous History Month Podcast, Healing in Uncertainty. 

Watershed Watch Salmon Society, March 2021 - Interview for Freshwater Stream Podcast. 

More Articles & Media

Salish Sea Sentinel (May 2020) Coast Salish Health Heroes Fight at COVID-19 Front Line

Province of BC, Climate Ready: Preparing Together (December 2019) The Connections between Climate Change and Mental Health

Global News, Calgary (October 2018) Finding Pipeline Peace 

Climate Guides (July 2018) It's About Our Health: Canadian specific examples of the health impacts of climate change

Gathering Voices Society (March 2018) Healthy Country Healthy People

National Film Board of Canada (2005) Between: Living in the Hyphen

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